You've gotta hand it to these guys. When news broke that Elizabeth Berkley was going to be on Dancing With the Stars, there was only one question that was on pretty much everyone's minds...would she be dancing to "I'm So Excited"? The show let the question sit for a few weeks, probably to build anticipation, but now it's finally happening: According to E! Online, Berkley will be dancing to "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters in tonight's episode.

Berkley tweeted about it in an appropriate fashion:

If you're not aware of exactly how amazing this is, let me do you the biggest life favor that anyone will ever do for you in your life, short of like, saving you from a burning building or letting you cut in front of them at the supermarket when they've got a whole shopping cart of items and you just want to buy milk. In a season two, 1990 episode of Saved By the Bell, Berkley's character Jesse Spano became a junkie and got hooked on caffeine pills—oh, the horror! When Zack found out, he attempted to confront her before she was set to perform "I'm So Excited," and told her that she couldn't sing tonight.

Jesse then proceeded to prove exactly how well she can sing, with a haunting rendition of the song. And...well, just watch it:

If an exact reenactment of this scene doesn't open the dance number on tonight's episode, there will have been no point.

[via Uproxx]