This past Friday, actress Marcia Wallace passed away due to complications stemming from breast cancer. Her career spanned decades and included stints on The Bob Newhart Show and The Merv Griffin Show, but it was Wallace’s role as Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons that most of us are familiar with. Since 1990, we’ve seen Ms. Krabappel evolve from periphery character to a Simpsons mainstay, a direct result of Wallace’s impeccable performance.

In every episode she was in, Wallace captured the dread of the worn-out elementary school teacher that we’ve all met at one point. But with her trademark “Ha!” and snarky one-liners, the character was more comedy than tragedy, making us laugh at even the most inappropriate times. You'd be a little jaded if you had to teach Bart Simpson for the past 24 years.

Unfortunately, with Wallace’s passing, the character of Edna Krabappel will also be retired from The Simpsons cast. To honor both the character and the woman behind her, we’re taking a look back at Edna Krabappel’s 10 Best Moments from The Simpsons.

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