It's early in the morning, you're swimming in liquor as you stagger home and you decide that pizza is the best way to absorb some of it. It's a moment many of us have experienced, but it probably wasn't anywhere near as amazing, entertaining or nerve-wrackingly suspenseful as this.

A drunk college student in York is on his way home with a Chicken Kiev pizza from King's, which he spends a good portion of the video attempting to balance in his hand. He could never, ever be a waiter.The fact that his legs are about as sturdy as noodles make it all the more hilarious. 

You know he's eventually going to drop it, and the wait for that moment is like waiting for—SPOILERCrispin Glover to lose his arm in Hot Tub Time Machine

Where are this young lad's friends? Friends don't let friends become viral sensations, even though this is more like glory. We hope that Chicken Kiev pizza tasted like what checking your bank account the Friday morning after your direct deposit goes through feels like.

[via Gawker]