Double Fine Productions will be hosting the Day of the Devs event in beautiful San Francisco. The event, in collaboration with iam8bit, takes place November 2, 2013.

The free event will feature: food trucks, refreshments, and a “curated selection of amazement” from other indie game developers in attendance. 

A line-up of games from Double Fine, including the as yet unplayed Broken Age will be shown.

A new currently unannounced new game will also make an appearance. Day of the Devs will also feature items from: iam8bit, Supergiant Games, Capy Games, Gaijin Games, SpyParty, Honeyslug, Tribute Games, and more.

Surprises will happen and special guests Funomena will be on-hand, and Phil Fish will provide the DJ experience.

”It’s basically all of our favorite people in one place, for a night of awesome games, food, music, happiness, and creativity,” said Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer. “Essentially, a Night of 1,000 Hugs.”

Event Info: Day of the Devs

Location: Public Works | 161 Erie St., San Francisco

Date: November 2, 2013

Time: 4 – 8 pm

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