If you weren't in the Halloween spirit already, this may just do it.

A new trailer for Dead Rising 3  has serious Halloween implications. The Dead Rising franchise has never lacked on creativity when it comes to zombie kills. This trailer gives a preview into what's on the horizon for gamers eager to jump back into the Dead Rising apolcalypse.

Following in the footsteps of previous Dead Rising games, players control main character Nick Ramos as he scours Los Perdidos looking for any weapon at his disposal to fight the walking dead and complete missions. Dead Rising 3 expands on players ability to craft weapons from just about anything they find on the map and has taken it one step further by incorporating "combo vehicles" as well such as crafting a motorcycle and a steamroller together to travel throughout the city and take out the undead.

Dead Rising 3 is an exclusive Xbox One title and will be available at launch on November 22.

Halloween is celebrated a little differently in Los Perdidos.

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