Locally-based burger chain Z-Burger had been giving away free burgers to government employees in the D.C. area who were suddenly not working or getting paid because of the shutdown. Like, a lot of burgers. Eater says that Z-Burger gave away 15,840 burgers over a three-day period, which equates to more than $88,000 worth of food during that span. 

This was a more than generous notion that simply could not last. Peter Tabibian, the owner of Z-Burger, broke down his logic to the Huffington Post. "Every day we are giving away $30,000 worth of food," he said of his four locations. In addition, the lines—some which consist of up to 200 people—are taking their toll on his staff. 

It was fun—and kind—while it lasted.

[via DCist, Eater DC and the Huffington Post]