Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter, Broadway thespian, passion project actor and now, screenwriter? While sitting down with US Weekly to talk Kill Your Darlings, the Brit admitted that he has completed his first screenplay:

"I have written a script. I don't know if it's any good but it's nice to have finished something. That's an achievement in it's own. It's a very dark comedy. There are always themes that I'm interested in. Like friendship and when it becomes unhealthy. What you have to do to move on, but it's a much more heightened scenario. It's probably shit but the point is I've finished it and the next thing that I write won't be."

Sounds like someone got inspired by This Is The End. Do you buy his modesty, or is starring in his own comedy the next order of business for young Radcliffe? Read the rest of his interview here:

[via USWeekly]

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