Last Saturday, 26-year-old Christina Crespo was arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend following a bar crawl while wearing an "abusive wife" costume. Here's some insight: it wasn't a costume.

The couple were part of a Clawson, Mich. bar crawl and decided to visit the Mojave Cantina before the night was over. A police officer noticed a very drunk Crespo lying outside of the bar, but a friend was able to help her to her feet and carry her inside. The officer then located her boyfriend, who had donned an "abused husband" costume for the night. After confirming that they had someone to drive them home, the officer left.

That's when the fireworks started.

After returning to investigate the disturbance, the officer witnessed Crespo pummelling her boyfriend with her purse. Her drunken tirade continued even after the cop intervened and detained her. She was charged with domestic violence and released, but must abstain from drinking alcohol or having any contact with her boyfriend until her Nov. 6 court appearance.

That wasn't a costume she was wearing, it was a warning.

[via Gawker]