Everyone gets judged on Halloween. The most fun you'll have all night, after appreciating the creative and scantily clad, and mocking the far too drunk, will be judging costumes. Some will be clichéd, some will be trying too hard, some won't be trying at all. All will be judged.

No costumes come under as much scrutiny as couples costumes. The two of you might as well draw a target on your backs for your bitchy single friends to hit with judgy witticisms. If you feel that you must go through with this, at least do us a favor: avoid the following costumes. Whether they're too popular, too pleased with themselves, or too pretentious, these costumes aren't going to go over well at any house parties this year.

Before you go out and spend half your paycheck trying to re-enact a certain VMAs performance, check out these 25 Couples Costumes to Avoid This Halloween.

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