Last night Connie Britton appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live to promote Nashville season two, but host Andy Cohen couldn't resist going all in with questions for the series we all know and love her for, Friday Night Lights. Dressed in full Coach T. gear, Cohen and several callers hit Britton with a bunch of questions that she was happy to answer, and she even divulged a few secrets that distill down to one fact: FNL fans have Kyle Chandler to blame for several things.

Chief among them: why a series with a wife as smoking hot as Tami Taylor never featured a sex scene between her and Coach, and why there's been no forward movement on a movie (based off the series and not a sequel to the original film, of course).

Turns out, for whatever strange reason, season two was supposed to open with a very hot and heavy scene with the Taylors...and Chandler was apparently so uncomfortable during filming that producers deemed the scene unusable. Nervous, we'd understand, because, Connie Britton, but uncomfortable?! Thanks for nothing, Kyle.

As for the movie, that basically boils down to: Connie-down, Kyle-not. He's been working steadily, with supporting roles in some high caliber films (Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Wolf of Wall St) but the key word there is 'supporting.' He's got the free time and he hasn't gone full Hollywood yet, but apparently Kyle doesn't share Coach's clear eyes and full heart. Watch Britton adress the love scene that never was above and the movie here.

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