Congress may have gotten it together enough to reopen the government, at least for a little while, by punting the decision a few months down the calendar but congress is still having its worse case of deadlock ever. How can such a divided set of representatives with polar opposite viewpoints sit down and resolve their differences? LAN party!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit too old-school but we have a few suggestions for games Congress should play to learn a little about governance, teamwork and possibly sharpen their wits a little. As of now our government’s main interests in video games as been regulating the media that has been seen to be too violent. However there are tons of simulators and memory games that could do all of us some good and maybe help to enable some compromise.

We all know John McCain loves gaming. He was recently caught sneaking in a few rounds of poker on his phone at some important foreign relations hearings; you know, civil wars and stuff. We can only hope he was playing online, how do we buy into that game Mr. McCain? Other members of Congress need to follow his lead. Maybe we could encourage them to play some Call of Duty team building exercises or a Grand Theft Auto Online skyscraper derby together. Both require teamwork and compromise which is both sadly lacking from the state of our union.


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