It's about time for college-aged men to take it easy with the liquor. Your health is one thing, but there's also the sexual assaults that take place every year that are constantly blamed on overindulgence in alcohol. 

Ann Friedman writes that a 2009 study showed that nearly 20 percent of all college men will have raped a female classmate by the time they're seniors and the same study also learned that over 80 percent of these assaults involve alcohol. The majority of these incidents will never be reported.

So why the abuse of alcohol? Sure, drinking is fun when done responsibly, but too many young men are under the impression that there's a direct correlation between the amount of liquor that you can consume and your masculinity. Everyone that drinks too much isn't a future sexual assault case waiting to happen, but being able to drink more than your friends is nothing to brag about when your binge drinking tendencies lead to blackouts, crimes and jail time.

Think about it like this: nobody will be singing praises of your uncanny tolerance when you're behind bars. Don't ruin your life well before your prime.

[via Ann Friedman]