Reports are surfacing that more than a thousand Chinese college students were forced to manufacture Playstation 4 consoles through a mandatory work study program at a Foxconn facility.

Shanghai's Dongfang Daily reported students at Xi'an Technological University spent two months at a Foxconn factory in Yantai, China for an internship program that began in August and ran until this past week. Students involved in the program told Dongfong Daily that the internship was a requirement and failure to complete would result in their diplomas being withheld or cost students as many as six college credits. The students also said they were given tasks outside their area of studies and often had to perform manual labor.

Tasks required by students included removing the console's protective film and putting stickers on the machines, as well as put PS4 manuals and cables inside the console's packaging

An internal investigation was launch and it was found that Foxconn gave night shifts and had students working up to 11 hours and even overtime, both of which are a violation of company policy.

"Immediate actions have been taken to bring that campus into full compliance with our code and policies," said a Foxconn representative. The company also stated it was "reinforcing the policies of no overtime and no night shifts for student interns, even though such work is voluntary, and reminding all interns of their rights to terminate their participation in the program at any time."

Sony has recently stood by Foxconn stating that they have fully complied with Sony's Supplier Code of Conduct.

Students were paid during the internship making the same amount as a normal Foxconn employee and bringing home 1,600 yuan or roughly $260 per month. The same Foxconn factory previously came under heavy fire after they were accused of using teenagers to manufacture the Wii U.

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