According to a study, women with breast implants report having better sex lives. The study, conducted in Brazil, involved 45 women answering questions two, four and eighteen months post-surgery. Thirty-six of the subjects did not have stretch marks, and they reported having better sex lives at four and eighteen months after surgery. 

This increase in arousal and sexual satisfaction probably has more to do with body image and self-confidence than anything else. 

"I think that the female breast is a very important part of a woman's body, in terms of how a woman feels about herself in public, how her clothes fit and how she feels about herself sexually," said American Society of Plastic Surgeons public education committee chair Dr. David Reath, adding that "it's very common for a woman post-surgery to say she feels more confident, that her outward body now fits her inward persona."

However, Colorado College psychology professor Dr. Tomi-Ann Roberts argued that researchers should've asked respondent more practical questions, such as whether or not their new breasts presented challenges during everyday activities like breastfeeding or jogging. Those are the things people tend to think about last, but should think about first.

[via New York Daily News]