Badfinger's classic "Baby Blue," which was released back in 1972, saw a 9,000 percent surge in plays on Spotify this week, and it isn't really a surprise why: Breaking Bad.

Spoilers Ahead

"Baby Blue" played as Walter White walked around the meth lab that Jesse was held captive in, seemingly reminiscing about his two year run as the meth king. The song played as Walter placed his bloody hand on a metal container and fell backward, dying as he hit the cement floor. After the credits rolled, people immediately began looking up the song, and as the chart from Spotify below shows, as soon as 10 p.m. hit, people went to Spotify and kept on coming. 


The song might be doing okay in the sales department too, as Billboard reports that "Baby Blue" could see a 3,000 percent sales boost, and got just within 5,000 iTunes downloads on Sunday night. If the song sounds a little familiar, that's because Martin Scorsese used it in his film, The Departed

Vince Gilligan personally chose the song, even though his team didn't agree—until they saw the final scene along with the song. "But in came the dailies, with that wonderful crane shot moving over Walter White, and once we played the song, [we thought], 'Oh, I get it now,'" said Thomas Golubić, the show's music supervisor. "This is a love-affair story of Walt and his love of science, and this was his greatest product – his greatest triumph as a chemist. It wasn't about Walter White as a criminal or a murderer or an awful person. It was him ending on his own terms. It felt creatively right."

The special love I have for you, my baby blue.

Seems as right as you could possibly be. 

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