We're now in day two of the government shutdown, and while people haven't taken to the streets with pitchforks and torches (yet), shit is getting pretty serious over on Capitol Hill. It's pretty well-known that the blame lies mostly with the GOP, who let the government go into shutdown mode because they refused to accept that the Affordable Care Act is a thing that is going to happen in this country—but Billy Zane's got a different idea about what's causing the chaos in Washington. 

We'll let Billy Zane tell you himself in a tweet he posted yesterday, because to be honest, I can't understand what he means at all.

...right. Still not sure what this means. Is he blaming Breaking Bad for the state of the government, or does he think that everyone who watches Breaking Bad is a meth addict who needs to pick apples? By 'Baking Dad,' does he mean a dad who spends his time cooking meth, or is he legitimately pitching a show about a father who bakes in his spare time? What did America expect when we canonized a sociopath? Is Billy Zane OK?

None of these questions can be answered. We should have all known something was wrong when Billy Zane appeared in an Avril Lavigne music video alongside a bearshark.

[via Uproxx]