Fresh off his turn on Dancing With the Stars, Bill Nye is getting back behind the camera, not as a dancer this time, but as a host (as we all remember him.)

Bill is hosting his new show, Why With Nye, on YouTube's THNKR channel. There, he'll take a look at NASA's mission to send their Juno space probe to Jupiter. The first episode launched yesterday, and is the first of an eight-part series. The Juno probe was launched two years ago, but will start its journey to Jupiter this month by using Earth's gravity to slingshot it into Jupiter's direction. Once there, Juno will analyze Jupiter's atmosphere, magnetosphere and gravity. But why let me explain it? That's what Bill is here to do. Check out the video above for his first episode, then subscribe to the THNKER channel to check out for more upcoming episodes. 

[via Venture Beat]