They say "everything's bigger in Texas," so it's logical to expect that MTV's new reality series Big Tips Texas (which premiered last night) will be even huger than Jersey Shore—right?

It's too soon to call it, of course, but the ingredients for "the next overnight sensation" status are all in place. Set in and around Redneck Heaven, a Hooters-esque bar/restaurant located on the outskirts of Dallas, Big Tips Texas follows the venue's most colorful (read: hardest partying and most rambunctious) employees. There's Amber, a Redneck Heaven O.G. who makes Snooki's H.A.M. inclinations seem modest; Morgan, Amber's younger, less experienced arch-nemesis with dreams of riding horses for a living; Krystin, Morgan's fellow "new girl" who's eyeing a managerial role in order to make her mama proud; and Typhani, Redneck Heaven's manager and resident ball-buster. Together, these women comprise your next favorite "guilty pleasure" reality show that's equal parts Bad Girls Club and Coyote Ugly.

Big Tips Texas is engineered specifically for social media consumption—hell, there are even on-air hashtags like #texastinkle (seen when Amber pees in some bushes) and #safedistance (signifying the amount of room left between Morgan and Amber on a bench after a heated public spat), baiting viewers into turning the show into a constant trending topic. Whether it's ultimately comparable to a crisp Patron shot or a skunky Budweiser is to be determined, but Big Tips Texas certainly has one major thing going for it: Its stars are—believe it or not, reality TV haters—likable. That is, depending on your threshold for women who regularly call each other "bitch," say "like" as if it's as necessary as breathing, and gossip about preferring "retread sex" (definition: sleeping with the same guys multiple times, rather than finding new bedfellows every night).

Assuming Big Tips Texas catches on, it's only a matter of time before you, your boys, and your boys' boys start DVRing and (excitedly) watching it. And, subsequently, picking your personal favorite Redneck Heaven girl. To expedite the process, consult our following guide to Which Big Tips Texas Girl is Right For You?

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)