We are most certainly guilty of it. Watching a game's cutscences edited together into a single movie.

Maybe your backlog of games has gotten so deep, it has its own its own backlog. And rather than pulling the trigger on the purchase of a new title you head to YouTube and get lost in the wormhole of video game cutscenes edited into movies. I'm guilty of it. Before I had the time to properly sit down and appreciate Dishonored, I watched most of it as a short film online.

Edited together as a cohesive whole, these titles are more than capable of standing alone as feature films. How many times have you watched the opening cinema for DC Universe Online before it launched. It was a gorgeous, self-contained gem of the twilight of the superheroes and it was only four minutes long. Here are, in no particular order, ten of the best video game cutscenes edited into short films. Except Metal Gear Solid 4, there's nothing short about that game. 

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