Zagat, the New York-based dining guide, has caused a "Control" verse-like stir by declaring that the best pizza in the U.S. comes from California. Alright, maybe not, but it's an eyebrow-raising claim. According to Zagat, the best pizza in the country comes from Long Beach's Michael's Pizzeria, which is run by New York native Michael Deene. "I wanted realItalian pizza, not the take-out, cardboard variety we’re accustomed to eating in the United States," Deene told Belmont Shore-Naples Patch

At least the boss at Michael's is from New York. Are New Yorkers as offended by this as they were by TripAdvisor ranking NYC pizza fourth in the U.S.? You would've thought someone spit in every native New Yorker's face. Or on their pizza.

[via LAist and Belmont Shore-Naples Patch]

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