If any city in America represents everyone, it's the Big Apple. New York City attracts all kinds: college grads with no dollars and a dream, European models who have a working knowledge of three English phrases, and hoards of hopefuls from midwest towns wanting to escape to something bigger. It's this vast variety that makes Gotham such a melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions. But there is a common religion shared by many New Yorkers—football.

People tattoo their team's logo on their arms, face harsh winter winds with beer bellies covered in body paint and take cues from 2Chainz, rioting whether their team wins or loses. But the biggest hallmark of football—its altar, perhaps—is the bar (or anywhere with beer, really.) Strangers can become best friends or bitter enemies over the course of four quarters and all who are present are drunk by halftime. It's a sacred ritual, so NYC startup Fanatic, an Android/iOS app that connects sports fans, found the best bars in NYC for fans of every team in the NFL. Even for you Giants fans, however many of you there are left.

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