“Finish Him!”

The words have become legendary. In 1991 Mortal Kombat  took personal grudges to a whole new level, allowing players to kill their opponents at the conclusion of a match. Unlike the KOs of Street Fighter, which merely left your foe bruised (Ken’s face looked particularly rearranged, didn’t it?), Mortal Kombat  added nihilistic finality to every match. It wasn’t easy – you had to be at the proper distance, hit the proper button combination, and do it all in under five seconds. When you managed it though… hoo boy. Nothing could compare to the visceral thrill.

We’re looking back at the best Finishing Moves from the past 20 years – the superb Kombat Konklusions that made us squirm, cheer, and laugh our heads off – figuratively, of course. It’s fight time, you weak, pathetic fools.

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