Chalk up Miley Cyrus's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night as a victory for Team Let Miley Live. The pop star who is at the center of a cultural battle experiencing wave after wave of backlash and then backlash to the backlash and then backlash to the backlash to the backlash—she silenced her haters last night with strong musical performances and a willingness to own her persona and actions by vigorously humping poking fun at them.

The best skit of the night came in the form of Mornin' Miami, an asinine morning show hosted by a trio of bitter and depressed TV personalities. Cyrus, in a dark wig, played Yolanda.

The sketch works because the set-up—a morning show where the hosts intro each segment with a terrible headline—allows for a constant stream of weird one-liners like, "He’s a helicopter, he’s a machine gun, he’s a bigot. Racist foley artist Bill Space is here to make funny sounds and some awful comments." It also works because it's a reminder that Cyrus is a comedic actress. She's got chops.

Watch the full skit below.

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