The iPhone 5S has been out for a good month and availability still remains limited on certain carriers. So as the demand steadily increases heading into the holidays—whether you're part of the new batch of consumers looking to purchase it in the next coming weeks or one of the lucky few to already secure a device at launch—it’s definitely worth investing in a protection plan. By that we mean a protection case.

Now that Apple’s taken a more high-end approach to its design process by incorporating gold and silver finishes to its flagship smartphone, the last thing you’re trying to do is scuff up a $600 handset. And even though the market's flooded with tons of safeguards suited for the new iPhone, only a few standout from the crowd. We rummaged through the pile and put together a collection of the top options, which offer full protection, great functionality, and style in one complete package. Get in window shopper mode and take a look at The Best iPhone 5S Cases Available Now.

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