Best menu item: Milk Shake
Locations: 500 

Not only does Steak 'N Shake provide a solid milkshake, but they also offer a customizable dining experience. Most national chains make you choose between the plodding service of T.G.I. Fridays and the get-in-get-out mentality of Burger King. Steak 'N Shake allows you to pick your pace. You can swing by the drive-thru, grab a quick take-out order, or you can sit down for a waitress attended diner-style experience. Though Steak 'N Shake is a national chain, many of their locations provide a local diner feel, with attentive wait staff and well-maintained dining areas. As if we didn't love Steak 'N Shake enough, they recently added a ridiculous late-night menu, including the 7x7, a seven patty burger.