Sometimes you just can't find a good local food spot. Picture this. You're in some suburb in Maryland for a wedding, and despite attempts at Yelping and Urban Spooning your way to culinary delight, there's nothing but Applebee's and T.G.I. Friday's as far as the digital eye can see. What do you do? Do you resign yourself to an evening of unlimited breaksticks at The Olive Garden? Do you head back to the hotel and fork over top dollar for subpar room service? Put the hotel room landline down; there's a better way.

Not all chains are created equal. Believe it or not, there are a handful of chain restaurants that serve food that you can actually enjoy prepared with ingredients that won't give you cancer. Some of them even have business ethics that attempt to keep the mom and pop spirit alive in the boardroom and the kitchen alike. Before you give up and grab yet another grotesque fast food burger, be sure to consider some of these chains that do it up right. Here are The 15 Best Chain Restaurants in America.

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