NBA 2K13 looked like the downtown L.A. Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre thanks to all of the special cameos in the title. 

You had the pixie-legged appearance of Justin Bieber, the questionable inlcusion of, somehow still considered a celebrity, Pauly D from MTV's Macaroni Rascals, the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, and Chamillionaire. Seems like 2K just spun a wheel with vaguely relevant celebs pasted to it and flushed them into the title as an unlockable. Well, 2K if that's how you're going to be I guess we should be lucky we didn't end up with the Headless Horseman, Pauly Shore, Ann Coulter, and Reptar from the Rugrats. 

Actually, all of those would have been awesome.

If we just get to hand out cameos and damn the consequences, these are the celebrity cameos we hope to see in NBA 2K14. Can't be any worse than Vinny from Jersey Shore.

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