Battlefield 4 dropped today nationwide and hopefully you've been practicing your levolution leading up to its release.

We also got a chance to take a look at how the title will look on both next-gen consoles. In a side-by-side comparison, we got to see how both the Xbox One and the PS4 looked running the latest entry of DICE's shooter. According to Digital Foundry, the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 looks to be the cleaner and more impressive looking. Keep in mind that this footage comes from an early build of the game.T

Testers at Digital Foundry noted the PlayStation 4 looked far sharped in terms of resolution. The PlayStation 4 ran at 900p and the Xbox One ran at 720 for the comparison. Foundry also notes that the Xbox One is doing “some very curious processing to boost details”.

While that isn't the most vocal endorsement of the Xbox One, DICE has stated the the Xbox One version of BF4 will have inclusion of Ambient Occlusion when the final game arrives in November. What this means is that we may be looking at something very different a month from now when the Xbox One edition drops. 

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