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Batman: Arkham Origins is gearing up for its October 25 release, and is now offering details to some of the DLC packs that will be included. 

For the first time, gamers will get to learn and grow their ninja skills as Bruce Wayne prior to his reign over Gotham as the Dark Knight. In the "Initiation" DLC pack, players take a first time trip out of Gotham to a monastary in Asia to train with the Batman's greatest teacher, and League of Assassin's member, Kirigi. In this DLC pack, you train as Bruce Wayne and learn all the necessary skills and techniques to become a ninja, in order to return to Gotham and save the city from corrupt and evil forces that continually attempt to bring the city down.

Another feature to Batman: Arkham Origins, is the inclusion of a permadeath mode, known as "I Am the Night". In this added DLC, adds great difficulty to the game which basically boils down to only having one life and no saves. Any failed missions along the way, and you have to restart from the beginning. A daunting task, the permadeath mode is a interesting feature for any true fans of the game who want the added challenge of beating the whole game as the Caped Crusader in just one life.

Following the success of Batman: Arkham City from two years ago, Batman: Arkham Origins goes deeper into the story of Bruce Wayne and the added DLC packages gives the added challenge many gamers were seeking.

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