It's the tale of two phones: while iPhone 5S continues to be a hit for Apple, the iPhone 5C might be struggling to stay afloat.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has asked its suppliers in China to slow down production of the iPhone 5C for the fourth quarter of the year, which, though not confirmed, can more than likely be attributed to a lower than expected demand for the phone. Pegatron, one of Apple's two suppliers (which sounds like it was named after a horse Transformer) was reportedly told to cut its shipments by 20 percent. Foxconn, the more famous if the two suppliers—thanks to its harsh work conditions—was asked to cut its shipments by a third.  Apple hasn't released  numbers for the amount of iPhone 5C and 5S has individually sold, so there isn't really a way to confirm the reason for the shipment cut, but demand seems to be a big part of it. Yet, reports say that Apple asked suppliers to ramp up production of the 5S.

Plastic isn't popular, it seems.

[via The Wall Street Journal]