The sight of a clown hanging a child over a railroad overpass is probably one of the many reasons people are terrified of clowns. This clown has a "reason," though: he was hammered.

Antonio Brown of Kenosha County, Wisc. was arrested over the weekend when he was seen dangling one of his girlfriend's children over the overpass. Brown, 33, had just returned from a Halloween party and asked his girlfriend's kids—ages 8 and 13if they wanted to go for a walk in woods.

Warning to all children: if a drunk man in a clown outfit asks you to take a walk in the woods at 1 a.m., say "no." Emphatically.

Anyway, Brown (who still had the fucking costume on), made the children drink liquor. The 13-year-old reportedly consumed so much that he threw up, but not even this could stop Brown from literally dragging kicking and screaming them into the woods.

When they attempted to run away from Brown, he came up with a cruel, liquor-fueled punishment: hanging the oldest by his feet, all while threatening to drop him if they tried to escape again. A woman who was understandably troubled by witnessing two crying children walking with a grown man in a clown costume called the police and Brown was arrested.

He was charged with two counts of child abuse and recklessly endangering safety. He faces 16 years in prison.

[via Gawker]