Two giant-sized comic book movies over the next two years. Both will feature the mutant Quicksilver, the white-haired, super-fast son of Magneto. Both will feature different actors playing the same role.

Keeping track of which studio has rights to which characters has been a headache ever since Marvel began producing their own films, so something like this was bound to happen eventually, but it's still pretty ridiculous. Latino Review reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has finally officially signed on to play the character in The Avengers follow-up, Age of Ultron. Meanwhile, American Horror Story's Evan Peters will portray the character first in next summer's equally anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will combine the casts of both the original X-Men trilogy and First Class.

Both should do a fine job; Taylor-Johnson cut his teeth as a hero, albeit a powerless one, in the cult favorite Kick-Ass, and Peters will almost definitely factor Quicksilver's mischeivous side into his performance. But just think about how much more awesome life would be if all of these rights issues were sorted out and characters could appear, with the same actor playing them, in multiple franchises, as they do in the comics.

News of Taylor-Johnson's casting comes just days after Elizabeth Olsen's confirmation as Quicksilver's twin sister, the Scarlett Witch. Before either film drops, Aaron and his on-screen twin sister will face off with a brand new, re-imagined Godzilla next May.

[via Latino Review]

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