Developer: Atlus Persona Team
Publisher: Atlus
Platform: Xbox 360 and PS3
Price: $80

In 2011's Catherine, a young man named Vincent begins to have surreal nightmares when his girlfriend, Katherine, starts talking to him about the idea of them getting married. Complicating matters further, Vinny then starts an affair with the titular Catherine, which just makes his nightmares even worse. And more puzzling, since Vincent's nightmares consist of a series of block puzzles, but with blocks that are man-sized. Which means he not only has to use his mind to figure them out, but his jumping and climbing skills as well.

Befitting this very odd (and very adult) game, Catherine "Love Is Over" Deluxe Edition also includes a pair of polka dot boxers like the ones worn by Vincent during his crazy nightmares, and a replica of the "Empty Hearts" t-shirt that Catherine wears in the game. But the weirdest thing this includes, which makes it the coolest, is a pillow case with Catherine's image, which can make your pillow look like the one Vinny carries in his nightmares.