Going out on Friday night in your twenties is pretty much the greatest. Even if you’re not a young, sexy person, you're surrounded by young, sexy people who make you feel young and sexy. Over beers and cocktails you make the memories that you will recall oh so fondly when you graduate into the drudgery of the workday. These are, as they say, the best years of your life.

But, are they? When you were younger, all you could think about was getting older: when you were six, the nine year-olds were the coolest, when you were nine, the twelve year-olds were the coolest and so on. Looking back on it, we might have actually had it the best when we were focused more on finger painting and juice boxes than skirt chasing and bottle service. With adult interests like drinking and getting laid come worries like being able to afford drinking and paying for the dating that (hopefully) leads to getting laid. We’re not saying that life as an eight-year-old was always better than it is now, but we wouldn’t mind spending a few weeks in our younger shoes. We’ll let you be the judge. Here are 20 Ways Your Friday Night Was Different 20 Years Ago. 

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