There has been much clamoring for a “Dislike Button” on Facebook. Those of us who have stopped to contemplate what this would mean have realized that Facebook would quickly devolve into a spiteful mess, with epic levels of angry trolling. Frankly, that’s what we go to Twitter for; we would prefer Facebook to stay a safe place for aunts to post misinformed political statements and for your high school classmates to post Some E-Cards.

This did get us thinking though. What sort of additions would actually improve our social media experience? How could we make Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram better? We aren’t talking about changing layouts and enhancing the UI: there are dozens of people in Silicon Valley making annoying and inane tweaks to your favorite social networks every day. No, we’re talking about practical changes that we can all enjoy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay up to date on all the hottest Twitter feuds with a tap of your iPhone? Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically put Facebook political blowhards in their place? Wouldn’t you like to be updated the moment that your girlfriend creates a Pinterest Wedding Page? We know you wont’t “dislike” these 20 Improvements Your Favorite Social Media Site Needs.

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