A teenage girl was forced to dig her way out of a grave after being raped and buried alive in Pakistan. The 13-year-old was taken from her village while taking Koran lessons, then taken to an isolated area, sexually assaulted and buried because her captors assumed that the attack had killed her. 

However, she managed to climb out of the muddy tomb and flagged two pedestrians down. The girl's father, Siddique Mughal, told authorities that his daughter had been kidnapped, but claims that they refused to do anything. After the girl was taken to receive medical attention, authorities were ordered to arrest the assailants by the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’s Complaint Cell immediately. 

According to authorities, Pakistan is struggling to deal with rampant cases of child rape, and the International Business Times pegs absurd beliefs such as sex with a virgin being the cure for HIV as part of the disturbing increase in child rape over the past decade. 

[via New York Post and International Business Times]

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