Whether it's an asteroid, nuclear war, climate change, or the sun destroying us in billions of years, the world will end one day. But, what's going to come quicker? Climate change could take its toll in a century or two, and nuclear war could spark at any moment. Yet, there could already be a ticking time bomb sitting in our labs: robots. We are constantly improving upon these machines, and they'll keep getting more refined, this year, and the year after next. "More and more, they are also beginning to imitate—and look like—humans," writes John Markoff in a recent New York Times story. "And they are beginning to perform tasks as humans do, too." There may come a day when robots will surpass humans in intelligence and ability, something we call the Singularity, or, the day SkyNet comes self-aware. Here are The Most Mind-Blowing Videos That Prove Robots Will Rule Earth One Day. Be prepared.

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