We don’t think spam emails get enough love. Ninety percent of the emails you get on a daily basis are worthless. You have to weed through that Olive Garden newsletter, that Container Store sale notice, and that check-in from your probation officer before you even get to anything worth reading. Unlike these humdrum emails, at least spam is interesting. Spam emails are like a wonderful fairytale, but for adults. You can read about Nigerian princes, magical weight-loss berries, and, umm, male enhancement with the click of a button. Sure, it isn’t real, but you could say that about pretty much everything on the Internet. Is spam any less real than that GAP rebate that’s impossible to claim or that email from a co-worker that suggests “solutions for better integrating departmental workflow”? And unlike these dumb emails, spam always makes for an interesting read. We want to pay our respects to the wonderful world of spam by honoring the 10 Types of Spam Emails You Get All The Time.