Metacritic: 55

Haze is not itself part of a franchise (thank goodness), but it's definitely a franchise killer. And unfortunately the franchise it killed was the beloved TimeSplitters.

The UK studio Free Radical had hits with the first three TimeSplitters games during the PS2/Xbox/GameCube era. But through pure hubris (speculation there, but we're sticking to it) the studio decided to risk everything on Haze, a gimmicky first-person shooter that was more or less universally derided, thus killing any chance of TimeSplitters 4 seeing the light of day.

After the failure of Haze Free Radical was bought up by Crytek, which put the studio—now named Crytek UK—on Crysis duty. They've announced no plans to continue the TimeSplitters legacy. Hey, at least there aren't any more Haze games, either.