2K and Firaxis released a video today showing off the new weapons, mechs and genetic modification in XCOM: Enemy Within. This new content upgrade adds tons of new gear including a Needle Grenade that acts like an antipersonnel cluster weapon yet spares soldiers behind cover.

The most obvious and awesome looking feature of the new update to XCOM: Enemy Unknown are mechs. These cyborg soldiers are hard-wired into battle suits and use chain guns to mow down enemies and destroy cover. Oh and a huge rocket powered fist dubbed the kinetic energy module.

Besides the hulking, rocket-fisted mechs players can also gene-modify their soldiers to make them jump higher or use psi abilities in offense and defensive modes. In the video we also get a glimpse of the Sectoid battle suit - mechtoid - as a taste of some of the armor you'll likely be facing.

This full expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown also adds new maps, new tactical and strategic gameplay and new multiplayer content. XCOM: Enemy Within retail re-release set to drop on November 12 for PC with possible DLC later for about $30. Stay tuned for details.

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