As November approaches, more info is being released about the Xbox One and its capabilities. Today, Microsoft released that along with over 40 new technological innovations to their already award winning and industry leading controller, the Xbox One will be able to support eight controllers to one console at a time. 

In comparison, the Xbox 360 was only able to sync four controllers at once while the Playstation 3 was able to support seven. Sony has not yet released any information on how many controllers their Playstation 4 can support but this may mean they have to up the ante to compete, as many feel their controllers lack when put up against the Xbox. 

Just as the previous Xbox 360, the Xbox One will come with only one controller and will be selling additional controllers for $59.99 plus tax of course. You can read all about the new innovations and modifications made to the controller on the Xbox One product site here
With the release of this news, it got us thinking of the best games to play with seven of your friends: FIFA 14, Forza, Halo, NBA Live/ NBA 2k14, WWE 14, NHL 14,  Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

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