Sources speaking to The Edge have revealed some details about the performance differences between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The Edge reports from multiple "high-level" game development sources that the difference between the two consoles are "significant" and "obvious.” The PlayStation 4 is currently running 50 percent faster than the Xbox One.

Industry contacts are reporting that memory reads on the PS4 are 40-50 percent faster than the Xbox One and its ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is around 50 percent faster. These differences are illustrated in frame rates: the Xbox One is currently running about 10 frames behind its competitor.

Microsoft is aware of this difference and has been periodically clocking up the speed of the Xbox One. Even this close to the launch date, the next-gen console’s hardware isn't locked. Sony and Microsoft are still developing the final graphics drivers and are likely to be doing so even after launch.

Where Microsoft and Sony have previously had system that are very close in graphical processing it's possible that with such a large difference in graphical dexterity cross-platform releases may become more striking. If one system looks much better than the other it could quickly lead to a downward spiral for the perceived loser. Then again this is all up to the user, if they don't mind waiting for each system to get its drivers in order there may be little difference a year from now.

One thing is clear though: At launch, the PlayStation 4 will be the more powerful of the two.

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[Via The Edge]