Dumbest menu item: The Hobbit Meal

No, we've never been to Denny's sober, either. But, just like we don't have to be sober to know that a woman is hot or a beer is cold, we can tell you that Denny's sucks, even with beer goggles firmly on. Denny's seems to have realized its shortcomings as of late, and has resorted to gimmicks like "Baconalia" and the Hobbit Menu to ironically entice customers through their doors ironically. They reported to their shareholders that they will continue their comittment to gimmicks in the coming quarter, as well as comitting to "design improvements" in their restaurants. If the main thing that you have to tout to your shareholders is that you are renovating, perhaps it's time to ask yourself some tough questions. Actually, after seeing videos like this, maybe renovations aren't such a bad idea.