About eight months after claiming that they'd gotten hold of a copy, Wikileaks has finally leaked the script for the upcoming movie about themselves, The Fifth Estate, just like everyone expected they would—and then they proceeded to call it everything from "irresponsible" to "counterproductive," just like everyone expected they would. It's nice to know that some things never change.

The Fifth Estate, which sees Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch transforming into the controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is set to be released nationwide next month, and is already getting some buzz in the film festival circuit after receiving a standing ovation at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. Upon posting the script, however—which, for the record, is not a final draft, but instead a "mature" script from late in production—Wikileaks called the film "irresponsible, counterproductive, and harmful," and wrote that the majority of the film was false: from the presence of Daniel Brühl's character Daniel Domscheit-Berg during certain events, to the film's insinuation that Julian Assange dyes his hair.

The film is fictional. Most of the events depicted never happened, or the people shown were not involved in them. It has real names, real places, and looks like it is covering real events, but it is still a dramatic and cinematic work, and it invents or shapes the facts to fit its narrative goals. [...]

THE FIFTH ESTATE inserts a "Daniel Domscheit-Berg" into the story for the events of 2010, during which Collateral Murder, the two sets of War Logs and Cablegate were released. The real Domscheit-Berg was not present for any of these. The character of "Daniel" in the film is almost entirely fictitious.[...]

Julian Assange does not dye or bleach his hair white, as claimed in the film. While these interpolations may serve to enhance the dramatic narrative of the film...they have the effect of further falsely mythologizing a living person as sinister and duplicitous.

Duly noted, Wikileaks.

You can check out the leaked script, plus Wikileaks' critique, here. The Fifth Estate is still set to be released naitonwide on October 18th.

[via USA Today]