It’s a testament to the power of the tabloid age that when a baby is born who might become king in a country that has no political control over us, it can dominate the worldwide news for a month. The birth of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s first child, Prince George of Cambridge, was arguably the biggest story of the season, and it turned flag-waving U.S. citizens into royal enthusiasts all summer.

William and Kate hit the four quadrants of the paparazzi perfectly: they’re young, powerful, good-looking, and have just enough drama in their lives to stay interesting They’ve become like a better behaved, less hairy version of the Kardashians. Still, despite their high profile, even we weren’t prepared for the media blitz that surrounded the birth of their baby. Every angle was covered; hell, we were prepared to get hour-by-hour updates on how many centimeters Kate was dilated.