Ever since Val Kilmer made reference to Metropolis in Batman Forever, comic book fans everywhere have dreamed of seeing the Dark Knight and Superman in the same movie together. And earlier this summer, Warner Brothers made geek dreams come true when it officially announced that the sequel to Man of Steel would co-star none other than the Caped Crusader.

Unfortunately, a few weeks after the landmark announcement, the studio cracked the Internet in half by revealing that the new Batman would be played by Academy Award winning director, and former Daredevil, Ben Affleck. Upon hearing the news, comic book fans everywhere threw a digital hissy fit that saw grown men and women across the globe weeping into their underoos. But instead of being productive members of society and learning to live with a little disappointment, more than 30,000 fans sent a petition to the White House, demanding that Affleck be removed from the role. Sure the economy is still in the tank and there are countless civilians being killed by chemical weapons in Syria, but in the world of comic book fandom, no tragedy is as serious as Batfleck.

Are we happy with the news of Affleck’s casting? Not necessarily; we would much rather him boot Zack Snyder to the curb and actually direct Batman/Superman (That’s the title we’re giving it. Deal with it). However, we’re willing to give Affleck a chance, especially after he turned in some solid performances in The Town and Argo. After all, if Robert Downey Jr. can overcome a crack addiction to become Iron Man, Gigli and Daredevil shouldn’t be a problem for Ben Affleck.