What a world it would be if we could play some of these franchises again, in glorious HD. If we'd have known they'd go extinct we would've cherished our time together even more. With the Wii U out (though you wouldn't know it by sales figures) while the Xbox One and PS4 wait just beyond the horizon, we're yearning for a return to some of our favorite childhood classics

We've been waiting and waiting, and the only time we ever hear a word is with a deep cutting April Fools prank. If Donkey Kong Country Returns taught us anything, it's that dreams can come true. Some of these titles were cult classics. Their spot in the marketplace was filled by another generic shooter or a stupid licensed tie-in (go down the Nintendo aisle sometime if you need evidence). The reason for ending those series' is understandable. After all a company isn't going to put out something that won't make a profit.

In other cases the developer may've felt the franchise grew stale. It's a very thin line between a Tony Hawk title every year and a decades old AAA franchise that's still fun even with repetition. We don't give a shit if Zelda follows the same Hyrule overworld, dungeon, new item, boss, formula for the next 1000 years we would buy every single one. Probably, within the first week of release. If you, like us, pine for any of these games or remember playing them as a youngster than it sucks that you fell for a series that walked out on you in the middle of the night. There's always hope. At least that's what they tell us. These are the 21 Franchises We Want Revived For the Next Gen.

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