Ubisoft has revealed a new game created in their indie-like UbiArt Framework, Valiant Hearts: The Great War. A game that was based in part around the real-world war correspondents from Felix Chazal, a French solider and great-grandfather to Yoan Fanise, one of the developers.

UbiArt Frameworld is the same animation system that allows artist to bring their originally produced artwork to life used in games like Raymen Legends and the upcoming Child of Light.

Valiant Hearts is a 2D puzzle/adventure game set during World War I were players take on several roles: Emile, a French prisoner of war; Lucky Freddie, an American soldier; Anna, a medic; and George, a British pilot. With the help of a trusty dog they set out on their own journeys to help Karl, a German solider.

At one point or another all the character will interact with each other but there is no actual dialogue or text in the game. Characters will "speak" in animated voice-bubbles. Perhaps conveying some of the confusion of the cultural collision of WWI.

We're fascinated and can't wait to get our tears on in the little game. Valiant Hearts is set to release on current and next-gen consoles as well as PC sometime next year.

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[Via Kotaku]