If you're depressed that Breaking Bad is set to come to an end in just two weeks, fret not—from the looks of this first trailer, HBO's new series True Detective has the potential to replace Breaking Bad as appointment viewing television when it premieres in January.

Starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, the series follows two cops in the backroads and swamps of Louisiana as they attempt to solve a one huge case and become obsessed with the search for a serial killer that lasts nearly two decades. As displayed in this first trailer, the series promises to be a dark and gritty cop drama, which is a nice change from all those procedurals on CBS that keep premiering.

The most unique thing about this series, however, isn't that it promises to do procedural right: This season will focus on Harrelson and McConaughey's characters, but future seasons will follow different detectives and different cases—a great way to keep storylines fresh over the years.

You can check out the trailer above. 

[via The Wrap]