Directors: Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson
Stars: Caitlin Stasey, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Brooke Butler, Tom Williamson, Reanin Johannink, Amanda Grace Cooper, Leigh Parker, Jordan Wilson, Nicholas S. Morrison, Chris Petrovski

Official synopsis: When tragedy rocks Blackfoot High, rebellious outsider Mäddy Killian shocks the student body by joining the cheerleading squad. This decision drives a rift between Mäddy and her ex-girlfriend Leena Miller — a loner who claims to practice the dark arts. After a confrontation with the football team, Mäddy and her new cheerleader friends are sent on a supernatural roller coaster ride which leaves a path of destruction none of them may be able to escape.

Colin Geddes Says: This is a film that took me off-guard. It's a total dark horse. I really didn't have any expectations at all for it, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's a film that has a very conventional start but then, in the first quarter of it, takes a really dark, supernatural turn that you don't see coming.

It's a fresh cast, with all, young, up-and-coming faces, and it just roars. It's interesting, because I've seen films from the directors in the past, and this is the first one that's really clicked for me to put into the Midnight series. Sometimes it's a tone type of thing, but this one hit all of the checkmarks that I require for Midnight Madness.

As far as why I made it the Opening Night film, I just think it's going to be a blast. The title alone is going to sell tickets. It starts the fest off on a really fun tone. You don't want to start your series off with a film like Martyrs, or Kill List—those are films that attack you with a ball-peen hammer. This film is a fun, good ride.

One of the things I've heard from audiences in the past is that they like it when a film is relatively unknown. They really enjoy the element of surprise, so going into a film where you're not necessarily aware of the director or the actors, that really helps. I've listened to that feedback, and I think All Cheerleaders Die is going to be one of those films.